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Sainbury’s juices to feature innovative windows

Sainsbury’s fruit juice cartons will soon feature new transparent panels to let you track your fruit intake. The sixteen own brand juices will have four clear windows in the side of the carton to indicate each 200ml measure of juice – the standard measurement for one of the recommended “five-a-day”. “We’ve launched this new packaging… Read More »

Marco Pierre White Russell Hobbs Citrus Juicer

The Marco Pierre White Citrus Juicer by Russell Hobbs is an attractive, brushed steel appliance for extracting juice from citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits. It comes with two cones – one large, one small – for juicing fruits of different sizes. Simple slice your fruit and place down on the reamer. The… Read More »

Philips HR2094 Aluminium Blender

Sometime ago, we pondered the question, what’s the difference between a blender and a smoothie maker? The answer seems to be not much, or certainly there’s no real advantage to a “smoothie maker”. This gimmicky device sometimes adds a tap to dispense the drink but that functionality is not especially useful and just creates another… Read More »

Santos Evolution 70 Citrus Juicer

The Evolution 70 Citrus Juicer from Santos delivers high powered on demand citrus juicing for commercial use. Simply slice an orange, lift the lid and place down the high powered helical squeezer. Close the lid and let the 1500rpm engine do the rest. The powerful motor and clever design delivers a high juice yield, straight… Read More »

Make Your Juicer Your Drugstore

Make Your Juicer Your Drug Store is a bit of a classic. Originally written many moons ago, it contains dozens of tips on how you can use your juicer to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Written in 1978 by Dr L Newman and published by Benedict Lust, the book has invaluable information about the nutritional benefits… Read More »

New Covent Garden Gets Into Fruit Juice

“New Covent Garden” is the brand associated with the tasty fresh soups you can get in the supermarket. But according to, the company is launching a range of juices, including Orange, Apple & Mango and Apple & Raspberry, which will be stocked in branches of Waitrose. If the soups are anything to go by,… Read More »

Santos High Output Juicer

Santos is one of the most recognisable names in fruit juicing, and this high output juice extractor will keep delivering exceptional juice from a range of fruit and vegetables. It’s a commercial grade, heavy duty 3000 rpm machine which can produce 1litre of juice in 60 seconds making it a great choice for a busy… Read More »