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Can Apple Juice Fight Alzheimer’s?

The Daily Express has reported on findings that suggest that apple juice can help fight off the onset of Alzheimers disease, calling it the “miracle of apple juice”. The story was front page news on Saturday and centers around research just published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Read more here

Pomegranate Juice Is Good For Sperm

If you want high quality sperm, then try passing pomegranates through your juicer. That’s the findings of the Firat University in Turkey, as reported by Scientists at the university gave pomegranate juice to lab rats and detected an increase in the quality of the sperm produced.

HR1861 Gets Price Cut For Xmas

A few months ago, you’d have been looking to pay nearly £100 for the Philips HR1861 – our favourite mid-market centrifugal juicer. But with Christmas approaching, retailers have gone bargain crazy and are now offering the excellent juice machine at some fantastic prices. At Amazon, it’s slowly worked its way down to just over £60.… Read More »

Dr Erika On Juicing

Dr Erika from is a fan of juicing but she says she wouldn’t swap a balanced meal for a juice – see what she has to say in this vid.

Nice Price On Our Recommended Juicer

We recommend the the Philips HR1861 Pro Aluminium Juicer, and you can see it sitting proudly in our sidebar. We’ve just updated our price check, and as you can see, Amazon have cut the price to £77.74 with free delivery. A few weeks ago it was £90 from Amazon, and as you can see, other… Read More »

Philips HR2737 Citrus Press Juicer

A point I’ve made several times elsewhere on the site is that one of the most popular types of juice is orange juice, but the centrifugal juicers aren’t really great for orange juice because peeling them is such a pain, especially if they’ve been in the fridge which you’d want to do for a nice… Read More »

Recharge Your Batteries with a Juice Retreat

Looking for a break with a difference? Jiva Healing is a company that offers detox and yoga retreats where you can get away from it all, and join a small group in fully rejuvenating yourself. Choose a detox retreat and you will be fasting, save for healthy fruit and vegetable juices, specially selected to include… Read More »

Zumex Juicers

Zumex are the industry renowned, visually stunning citrus juicers which consistently deliver top quality juice again and again, as well as giving the customers something magical to watch whilst they wait. It’s no wonder that Zumex is the number once choice for countless cafes and juice bars. If you’re considering a zumex juicer for your… Read More »

Getting More Juice From Your Juicer

I was surfing YouTube and found this cool video where Shannon Leone demonstrates how she gets more juice from her Breville juicer by putting the pulp in a nylon bag and squeezing more juice out of it. It’s not a great advert for Breville since the model clearly leaves plenty of juice in the pulp,… Read More »

Too Busy To Peel An Orange?

I missed out on this when it was published, there was an interesting article on the Daily Mail website back in July which highlighted a decline in the popularity of oranges. The reason? Because we’re too lazy to peel them. Apparently tangerines and clementines are becoming more popular because they are easier to peel. I have… Read More »