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Health Benefits of Rasperries

Raspberries add gorgeous flavour and colour to your natural juice drinks, but what are the health benefits of the raspberry? Here’s what Wikipedia has to say: Raspberries contain significant amounts of polyphenol antioxidants such as anthocyanin pigments linked to potential health protection against several human diseases[6]. The aggregate fruit structure contributes to its nutritional value,… Read More »

What Do You Do With Leftover Pulp?

After drinking your gorgeous, flavoursome fruit juice, you mind will turn to the cleanup and the pulp that’s left in your juicer. This stuff doesn’t always look and smell appealing, so many people will empty it straight into the bin. But there’s loads of goodness left there in that pulp, so what else can you… Read More »

Black Juicers

It’s all very well having a juicer which help you feel good, but you want to it look good too, and for many people it will be important that their juicer matches the overall look of the kitchen. If you’ve gone and designed a stylish kitchen, the last thing you want is an out of… Read More »

Wheatgrass Juicers

Before the common wheat plant grows up, it is a young, fresh grass called, simply, Wheatgrass. Since the 1930s, people in the western world have been cultivating wheatgrass for juicing and powdering. It was popularised by a agricultural chemist who apparently used the wheatgrass to help his sick hens recover form illness, and not only… Read More »

Best Apple Juicer

Apple juice is one of the most popular juices that people make with their own juicers, so to be honest, you can pick almost any juicer on the market and you should be able to make apple juice. But what is the best juicer for making apple juice? If you plan on making plenty of… Read More »

Best Juicers for Christmas Presents

Christmas is actually the perfect time to give a juicer, because once the turkey and trimmings are out of the way, lots of people want to start detoxing their way into the new year and a juicer can help. Whilst cuicers are a great gift idea for Christmas, they often then end up in the… Read More »

Oh…. It’s a Zumex

Zumex manufacture the most visually impressive commercial orange juicers I have seen. A big basked of oranges sits on top and slow the oranges drop down into the transparent casing and go through the soft cutters which take off the outer skin. Then the process squeezes out the juice and the pulp and skin fall into… Read More »

M&S Stocks Aronia Berry

Look out for a new fruit next time you’re in Marks and Spencer as they will soon be stocking a new “wonder berry” called the aronia berry, which contains three times as many antioxidants as blueberries. Originating in North America, it is now being grown in Scotland by Thomas Thomson Blairgowrie. M&S claim they have… Read More »