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Apple and Lychee

I was in Sainsburys the other day and saw a punnet of Lychees. I didn’t realise that they sold Lychee at Sainsburys, so couldn’t resist getting some, and of course they were delicious. I kept back about half a dozen, which I peeled and destoned and then placed in the juicer.  I then added three… Read More »

Making Orange and Pineapple Juice

This video from Youtube shows you that just about anyone can make a great tasting juice with a juicer. In this video, the little girl is making a lovely, creamy orange and pineapple juice, using one whole pineapple and two oranges.

Strawberries, Apples

I made strawberry and apple juice today. I used two golden delicious apples and a bowl full of ripe strawberries. The had a lovely creamly top, and got quite sweet and syrupy as I got into it. I enjoyed it but possibly a bit too sweet for some towards the bottom of the drink.

Apple, Pear, Lime

Ok, here’s one that I suggest you don’t try at home. Someone emailed it to me and said give it a go: 1 x apple 1 x pear 1/2 a lime I just whizzed it up and it soon seperated with a pleasant froth at the top and a very citric, sour drink at the… Read More »