Best Juicers for Christmas Presents

By | September 10, 2008

Christmas is actually the perfect time to give a juicer, because once the turkey and trimmings are out of the way, lots of people want to start detoxing their way into the new year and a juicer can help.

Whilst cuicers are a great gift idea for Christmas, they often then end up in the cupboard for the rest of the year. So if you're giving a juicer this year, why not give a recipe book with it too, and a basket of fruit too to help get the recipient hooked on juicing and all its excellent benefits.

Best Juicer Under £100

The Philips HR1861 is stylish, sexy and will deliver glass after glass of fantastic tasting juice. The design of this juicer is safe and easy to clean (which is one of the thing that deter people from using a juicer), and uses centrifugal power to create fresh fruit juice that is full of goodness. This juicer has been priced at about £100 for most of the year but if you look around you can get some bargain prices, sometimes as low as £60-£70. The HR1861 also comes with a recipe book with loads of recipies. Click here to check availability at

Best Stocking Filler Juicer

Our recommendation for a lovely, juicy stocking filler present is a citrus press. The Philips HR2737 Citrus Press costs about a tenner and is a fantastic little gift which will mean the recipient is able to squeeze out fresh juice from oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits all through 2009! Check availability at

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