British Man Claims Broccoli Juice Helped Him Beat Cancer

By | July 29, 2008

The media has picked up on the story of Ray Wiseman, a 79 year old man who was diagnosed with bladder cancer five years ago. The prognosis wasn't good, but five years later, he has been told by doctors that the cancer has stopped spreading. Ray puts this down to a glass of broccoli juice which his wife prepares for him everyday. She adds apples and carrots to sweeten the taste.

Cancer Research are apparently asking for the recipe to carry out further investigations.

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3 thoughts on “British Man Claims Broccoli Juice Helped Him Beat Cancer

  1. Shelley

    Thanks so much for high-lighting this story! I have just gotten on board with juicing and I love it. Imagine a super concentrated fresh drink with all those powerful compounds.

    I read a commentary on juicing by a fellow who said, “Imagine all the cells of your insides being bathed daily with the healing goodness of freshly made vegetable and fruit juice. Now every day when I drink my juice that’s all I can think of!

    For bladder cancer (like in this story) and cancers from the mouth to the other end (GI cancers) the cells are getting a direct concentrated healing bath every day.

    Some people complain it’s messy…. well it’s messier than a swanson frozen dinner for sure. I am quite happy to take 5 minutes to clean the juicer. It certainly isn’t like doing laundry by hand with a washboard. 🙂

    Happy Juicing. i’ll be back for recipes!

  2. Post author

    Hi Shelley,
    Thanks for stopping by. You’re right, it might take 5 minutes to clean the juicer, but it’s not particularly hard and it’s worth it for the healthy benefits, and yes even for the taste, which is so different from shop bought “juices”.
    Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. Tony

    When put a large broccli head in my juicer I only got about half a tea spoon of jucice out what am I doing wrong??


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