Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express

By | September 8, 2008

First of, who is Jack LaLanne? Jack LaLanne is known in the States at the "godfather of fitness".  He is an expert on fitness, exercise and nutrition as well being an acclaimed motivational speaker.  Well into his 90s now, he has put his name to a range of juicers, trying to do for juicers what George Foreman did for the healthy grill.

Jack LaLanne's juicers can typically be found on home shopping channels and informercials, which to be honest is usually enough to be put me off, but I was interested to see that this actually seemed to get good reviews so I thought I'd take a closer look.

Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer Express is a sturdy white unit which has a heavy duty 3,600 RPM motor with surgical steel quality blade which the manufacturer claims will give you 30% more juice.  It has a wide feeder,so you can get whole fruits down there, and operates at a suprisingly quiet noise level. Cleaning, as always, isnt' the nicest of jobs but a great tip is always to place a food bag inside the pulp collector so the bulk of it can be lifted straight out and thrown in the bin.

Safety is paramount and the machine will not switch on until all the parts is properly locked into place. The juice produced by the Power Juicer Express is of a very good standard, and of course puts shop bought juice in the shade. Expect to pay about £80 for this juicer, and you will get a quality machine for your money.

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