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Too Busy To Peel An Orange?

I missed out on this when it was published, there was an interesting article on the Daily Mail website back in July which highlighted a decline in the popularity of oranges. The reason? Because we’re too lazy to peel them. Apparently tangerines and clementines are becoming more popular because they are easier to peel. I have… Read More »

Oh…. It’s a Zumex

Zumex manufacture the most visually impressive commercial orange juicers I have seen. A big basked of oranges sits on top and slow the oranges drop down into the transparent casing and go through the soft cutters which take off the outer skin. Then the process squeezes out the juice and the pulp and skin fall into… Read More »

Making Orange and Pineapple Juice

This video from Youtube shows you that just about anyone can make a great tasting juice with a juicer. In this video, the little girl is making a lovely, creamy orange and pineapple juice, using one whole pineapple and two oranges.