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Philips HR2094 Aluminium Blender

Sometime ago, we pondered the question, what’s the difference between a blender and a smoothie maker? The answer seems to be not much, or certainly there’s no real advantage to a “smoothie maker”. This gimmicky device sometimes adds a tap to dispense the drink but that functionality is not especially useful and just creates another… Read More »

HR1861 Gets Price Cut For Xmas

A few months ago, you’d have been looking to pay nearly £100 for the Philips HR1861 – our favourite mid-market centrifugal juicer. But with Christmas approaching, retailers have gone bargain crazy and are now offering the excellent juice machine at some fantastic prices. At Amazon, it’s slowly worked its way down to just over £60.… Read More »

Philips HR2737 Citrus Press Juicer

A point I’ve made several times elsewhere on the site is that one of the most popular types of juice is orange juice, but the centrifugal juicers aren’t really great for orange juice because peeling them is such a pain, especially if they’ve been in the fridge which you’d want to do for a nice… Read More »

Philips HR1851 Juicer Extractor

If you’re looking for an entry level juicer, look no further than the Philips HR1851. This attractive juicer from Philips comes in white plastic and has a powerful 500W motor. Fully endorced by the “Juicer Master”, Jason Vale, the unit comes with one of his books. It has a pulp container with a capacity of… Read More »

Philips HR1861 Pro Aluminium Juicer

The Philips HR1861 Pro Aluminium Juicer has for several years been Amazon’s best selling juicer. But what is it that makes the HR1861 so popular? First thing to notice about the Philips Hr1861 is that is has an extra large feeding tube, so if you want to stick a few whole apples or pears down… Read More »